Highlander Token

Highlander ONE Token

Highlander Token

Type: ERC223 Standard

Platform: Ethereum Classic

Symbol: ONE

Decimals: 6

Max Total Supply: 1

Address: 0xfc07d3e0e36330a151c09384c3ad45e745227688


Highlander "ONE" Token is the first 1 max supply token created & traded on Ethereum Classic Network. It is also the first token created by Highlander Network using the ERC223 Standard. It offers Highlander holders protection against losing tokens via accidental transaction to a wrong address.

Why is it that the price of gold is so high? It’s a scarce commodity. Quite simply, the formula for success is, understandably, a low supply of coins with higher demand = higher price. It is also worth mentioning a few factors like a good product, a strong team and the success of Ethereum Classic all plays a big role in the success of Highlander Token. We have room to grow and we are looking for members that would like to help in the growth of Highlander Network.

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